Concord to become a safer city

the Claycord blog is in hysterics. apperently the city of concord is going to have to cut the police budget.
unless new revenue is identified, the next round of cuts will significantly affect public safety and other services our community relies on, including:

* Reducing neighborhood police patrols, and eliminating the district command program and downtown officer, decreasing the PD’s capacity to provide community policing.
* Eliminate Police Officers from Special Enforcement and Special Victim’s Units, slowing down response to major crimes and reducing the ability to investigate crimes.
* Eliminating School Resource Officers, reducing gang/drug prevention programs and eliminating ALL crossing guards.
* Reducing traffic signal maintenance/pothole repairs and suspending street maintenance activities.
* Suspending code inspections of rental apartment buildings.

sick! the less armed authoritarians (cops) out on our streets the better.
more cuts to the police, less cuts to schools.

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