claycord sucks

so people from the local blog, claycord.com are insane. 80% of that blog is about crime that happens. anyone reading that would think the concord area is the most dangerous place in america. that, along with the racist comments that appear there all the time. it's rather insane.
really, i feel sorry for people with that kind of world view. people who are too afraid to go for a walk because they think everyone out there is a rapist or thief or whatever. it must be pretty crummy living a life full of fear.

one of the recent posts seems to be over the top, even for them. they think a local restaurant, the buttercup grill, has "sunk to a new low." the reason is that they are offering a free meal to people found not guilty at walnut creek superior court.

the claycord people have obviously never been falsely accused of something. because this blog focuses mainly on crime, the readers all seem to assume people are guilty until proven innocent, and then are still guilty!

all the time and effort and money it takes someone to prove that they are not guilty of a crime, they certainly do deserve a free meal. this certainly isnt "sinking to a new low." the claycord people need to relax and stop assuming everyone is a terrible criminal out to get them.


  1. your site is awsome, i fuckin hate the posters at claycord, they all act like lil kids posting comments for the very first time. What a fucking joke that is, the "mayor" of "claycord" is a asshole, wont even post a photo of himself because he wouldn post half the shit if people knew who he was. He is not a mayor of anything, just a blogger. Also, most of the racist comments and unrealistic viewpoints come from those in clayton, which is a small town, why would it share the name with concord???

  2. I don't like most of the comments on Claycord.com either. The "mayor" is an asshole. He posts "racist" comments all the time, and he's HISPANIC! He hides his race. What ever happened to a little PRIDE?