violent anarchists kill 3 in greece... or do they?

in athens greece today 3 people were burned alive after someone set fire to a bank they were working in. the media i am sure is going to blame it on violent anarchists. lets see what the greeks have to say:

After the tragic death of the three workers made the round of Athens, new clashes started to spread in the Greek capital, with a large crowd gathered outside the burned bank when Marfin's boss tried to visit the site. Clashes broke out between the crowd and police when the former attacked the bank magnate accusing him of forcing the dead workers to scab on a general strike and locking them in the building despite them demanding to evacuate it since 12:00.

In Parliament the Communist Party of Greece has accused the government for the deaths, claiming it was a result of agents provocateur fascist groups. The claims of the Communist Party are based on the fact that 50 fascists tried to enter the PAME demo bearing the flags of the union earlier in the morning. The fascists were spotted, chased and sought refuge behind riot police lines. Accusing the extreme-right as being behind the deaths, the Coalition of Radical Left has declared in Parliament that the government cannot pretend to be in grief for the loss of life, as it has been attacking human life by all means possible.

here is a video of greek police smashing up a cafe that they and the media no doubt attempt to blame on anarchists:

i strongly urge you to read the whole thing, but here is one part of a letter by a greek marfin bank worker on why many, including the bank workers union is blaming the owners and managers of the bank for the deaths:
The management of the bank strictly bared the employees from leaving today, even though they had persistently asked so themselves from very early this morning – while they also forced the employees to lock up the doors and repeatedly confirmed that the building remained locked up throughout the day, over the phone. They even blocked off their internet access so as to prevent the employees from communicating with the outside world.

unlike here in the united states, in greece the people know that corruption and lies are common place amongst the police and the politicians. they dont believe something just because a cop or a politician said it is true.

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