oakland police go urban hunting

so the trigger happy oakland police have shot a young deer that somehow ended up in an east oakland back yard.
from sfgate:
Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts said Tuesday that he was "unhappy" that an officer shot and killed a young deer in an East Oakland backyard over the weekend and promised an internal investigation into what led to the decision to open fire...

...before a state game warden could arrive, Oakland police Sgt. Terrance West ordered another officer to kill the deer. The officer, whose name was not released, fired several shots, but the deer did not die immediately, so he fired several more shots, Weems said. A total of six or seven shots were fired but it was not known how many hit the deer.

so the neighborhood that this happened in is rightfully upset.
however, compare this to when oakland PD kills a young black man. the police chief would never say he was unhappy about that. he would defend his officers to the end, as would every other pig, gladly lying about all the details as long as it meant protecting one of their own. that's the kind of world we live in, where certain people are going to be upset about the killing of a deer, but not at all touched by the killing of a human.

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