oil spills and nuclear power

so we all know about the giant oil spill in the gulf right now.
well, that along with climate change has actually made certain politicians take up the idea that nuclear power is the answer. a fair amount of scientists seem to agree. it's true, nuclear power will not contribute as much to climate change.
the thing is, just like offshore oil drilling, though it is by and large a safe thing to do, all you need is one accident and the damage is astronomical.
it would be great if schwarzenegger and other politicians who have now reversed their views on offshore oil drilling came to the same realization about nuclear power. by and large it isnt all that harmful, but when something does go wrong it can be really really bad. it's been a long time since the chernobyl disaster. i really hope it doesnt take another disaster for certain people in power to realize the dangers that nuclear power isnt a very good way to stop climate change.
what we need to do is change our lifestyles to be more sustainable. it is foolish to keep living the way we do and hoping that technology might come along and save us at the last minute.

oh, and on a final note, i would like to point out a silver lining in this oil spill. all the money that british petroleum spent on public relations trying to greenwash their image has now gone to waste. changing their name to BP, putting up that cute green flower logo and all their stupid misleading commercials are worthless. for the next 20 years BP is going to be remembered for one of the worst ecological disasters.

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