Mayday was a riot

it's pretty amazing how every year you are guaranteed to have a riot in certain places on mayday and there is nothing the police are able to do about it. berlin for example has been at it for decades now. but also places like china, iran, greece, nepal and others.

here in the US and in the bay area we also had some fun. a good roundup can be found here.
santa cruz riot:

in san francisco a bank window got smashed and a abondonded school was squatted.
also in san francisco a racist got beat up.
click here for more info on all the usa stuff.

it's neat how insurrectionary anarchism has become the new big thing, and everyone wants to go and riot. it was only a few years ago where primitivism was the new cutting edge thing and everyone was learning primitive skills and trying to join the ELF. i wonder where we wil be 10 years from now.

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