the district attorney is a mysogynist

the contra costa district attorney's office is full of assholes. that is obvious. only an asshole would be a prosecutor. now the "shocking" news that the office is full of mycologists and a former prosecutor is accused of raping a woman with an ice pick while holding a gun to her head.

the coco times reports:

The rape case against Gressett, who was fired last year, shone a light on a culture of racy, over-the-top sex talk among prosecutors that no one denies: supervisors engaging in banter about "manscaping," a slang term for trimming male pubic hair; a senior prosecutor grilling new hires about their sexual appetites; chitchat about an "anal sex club," and pointed questions about which prosecutors were members.

The sex talk was just venting from lawyers who deal every day with heinous crimes, said prosecutor Barry Grove, president of the prosecutors' union. Even so, "there's a point where it crosses the line and it's crossed the line on many, many instances,"

...Grove and others contend the raunchy talk was largely centered in the sexual assault unit, where Gressett worked. But other prosecutors said it was far more widespread. They describe a fraternity house atmosphere in which members of the right clique are favored in job assignments.

"It was kind of a cowboy culture," said one former prosecutor who left the office recently. "We had a retreat in Napa. The way people were behaving "... I was horrified."

Courtenay Bravmann, a five-year veteran who quit the office in March, said she left because of the environment. She said she was shocked when she moved from the sex unit, and started eating lunch in the main office, where she witnessed administrators participating in inappropriate banter.

"I never felt more uncomfortable. Sometimes it wasn't just the content of the conversation, but who was involved that made it so inappropriate," Bravmann said.

fuck prosecutors, fuck the police and fuck judges.
also, fuck a culture that encourages misogyny and fuck people who think rape is a joke.
no, seriously, fuck them.
i dont think i need to add anything else.


  1. You need to learn to spell. You're making our "team" look real bad.

  2. correct spell is so bourgeoisie.