Pig news

well over a year later, BART finally fired Anthony Pirone, one of the ultra aggressive cops responsible for the death of oscar grant.
At one point, as Grant stood along the wall of the station platform, Pirone rushed toward him and appeared to pull him down, video footage shows...

...Later, video footage shows Pirone shouting at Grant, "Bitch ass n-, right?"

Indybay reports that Pirone, who has been on paid leave since the oscar grant murder was paid "well over $100,000...in salary"

in other news, Oakland police once again shot an unarmed man.

finally, something i didnt know about the hurricane katrina tragedy was that pigs went into the city and confiscated all civilian owned fire-arms. from anti-authoritarian gun club:
New Orleans Police Superintendent Eddie Compass ordered local police, National Guard troops, and US Marshals to confiscate all civilian-held firearms. He said "Only law enforcement will be allowed to have guns." Seizures were carried out without warrant, and in some cases with excessive force. National Guard troops, armed with assault rifles, were used for house to house searches, seizing firearms.

After refusing to admit that it had any seized firearms, the city eventually revealed that it did have a cache of some 1000 firearms seized after the hurricane.

a good reason to buy unregistered guns from your local street corner?


  1. a PERFECT REASON!!!!!!!

  2. It is a pleasure to read straight outta concord.