death to mohammed

so once again some religious nut-job sent death threats against someone who offended their religion. this time it was some idiot muslim, upset at south park and comedy central for airing a show that would have the prophet mohammed being mocked. comedy central responded by airing the show but censoring parts of it.
now i dont like south park. the humor is too juvenile for me, and being offensive isnt funny in itself. i much prefer beavis and butt head or the simpsons. whatever.

see, this is why i roll my eyes at moderate muslims who claim islam is a non-violent religion. it is a violent religion. there's examples from the qur'an right here. one being Qur’an:9:5 “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.”

now, at the same time, i do think it's important to realize that within the united states there is racism against people from islamic countries and cultures. however, to be an anti-racist one does not have to respect the religious beliefs of someone. there is a difference between mocking a religion and mocking a specific ethnic group or a specific ethnic culture. "the muslim world" is large and divers. there is no single culture that is islam.

the point is religion of any kind is stupid. lets turn the churches and the mosques into atheist social centers.
like they did in the spanish civil war:
Churches became cinemas, cafes, butcher shops, carpenters' workshops, hospitals, noodle and spaghetti factories and in one case a barracks. Perhaps a more typical example of the new role of the church in the collectives is the use put to the former church in Alcaniz:

"The priests fled. The church was not burned. It serves as a warehouse for the collective. The different sections are marked on the church's pillars: shoes and sandals here; soap and other cleaning materials: meats and sausage; preserves and other provisions; fabrics and cloth. Potatoes are stored near the main altar......

Offices have been set up. Nothing can be obtained with money, only with vouchers. Each member of the collective has a membership card and a book of vouchers. People are given what they request and it is recorded in the book of vouchers. The public enters through the main front door. The side doors are used for delivery of supplies. The church is the local market place."

no gods no masters.

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