should organizations be allowed to decide who is a member?

So, a San Francisco softball team in the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance was disqualified for having more than the allowed two straight members. now there is a law suit. members of the team
were called separately into a conference room in front of 25 people for a hearing to determine whether they were heterosexual or gay, the suit said.

They were asked "very intrusive, sexual questions," including what their sexual interests and preferences were, Suzanne Thomas, a Seattle attorney for the plaintiffs, said Wednesday.

Charles, who was D2's manager, asked whether he could say he was bisexual and was told, "This is the Gay World Series, not the Bisexual World Series," the suit said.

the attorney for the not-gay-enough men says the limit engages in a whole series of stereotyping that somehow, gay men are less able players than straight men.

the supreme court is looking at a somewhat similar issue of whether or not a university christian group is allowed to ban gays and lesbians. it's a little different because the christian group is on a public university campus making it eligible for office space, inclusion in school publications and bulletin boards, and travel funded by student fees.

the whole softball thing reminds me of the Daily Show's recent mocking of the all-white basketball league.
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I think people should be allowed to associate with whoever they want to, but also to not associate with whoever they dont want to. if a private group (that isnt using public resources) wants to discriminate against a certain group, it might be dumb, but they should be able to do so.
i wonder how liberals feel about it though. they tend to be in favor of "nanny states" where the government protects the people from themselves, and they also tend to be against any kind of discrimination. would liberals in general say that white racists arnt allowed to have a white-only basketball league? would they say gay softball players arnt allowed to have their own softball league? i'd like to hear their arguments...

however, if i were gay or white i would be offended that i cannot play sports as well as "regular" basketball or softball players.

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