Richard Carrier coming to Rossmoor

Thursday, May 20th, atheist, historian and author Richard Carrier is going to be giving a talk on “Why Everyone Says Medieval Christians Invented Science” for the Atheists & Agnostics of Rossmoor.

Del Valle Clubhouse
1751 Tice Creek Drive
Walnut Creek, CA

3:00PM, May 20th.

Dr. Carrier summarizes and expands on one of his chapters in the new, controversial book, The Christian Delusion (edited by John Loftus), which addresses the new argument going around that we have Christianity to thank for modern science. We all know it’s closer to the other way around. So how on earth do they think the opposite? What are their arguments? What is their evidence? How can they be so mistaken? Dr. Carrier tells all.

Dr. Carrier holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University in ancient history, specializing in the intellectual history of Greece and Rome, particularly ancient philosophy, religion, and science, with emphasis on the origins of Christianity and the use and progress of science under the Roman empire.

Rossmoor is a gated community. Enter in a visitor lane and tell them that you are attending the Atheists & Agnostics meeting. This is never a problem.

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