i love glenn beck

ahh, glenn beck, the USA's favorite wingnut.
apparently, on his May 3rd TV program Glenn Beck "reviewed" We Are an Image From the Future: The Greek Revolt of December 2008, a book put out by Oakland's very own AK press.
video of glenn's hilarious show can be seen here:

the good stuff starts around 2:10, so just skip his babbling intro.
well, AK press put out a really good open letter in response to Glenn's babbling.
part of the letter reads
Then it dawned on us: you’re afraid of anarchists. You’re not afraid of the fake media portrayal of anarchists as bomb-throwing maniacs: that’s your bread and butter. You’re afraid of real anarchists, the actual ideas they espouse, the real work they do.

We don’t blame you, Glenn. When we sift through your rants, we realize that there’s a lot of overlap between you and anarchists. The difference is that anarchists are more honest, aren’t part of the same elites they criticize, and they make a lot more sense. They see you, and raise you one.

Like you, we believe that people’s lives would be much better off without government intervention. Centralized power suppresses individual and community initiative and keeps people from achieving their full potential. Like you, we don’t think the solution to our current economic crisis lies in socialized industry or new layers of well-paid government bureaucrats. And, like you and many of your tea party pals, we agree that bankers and fat-cat corporate elites aren’t exactly concerned with our best interests. As you put it, it’s time to take down the folks who “line their pockets with wealth gained from enslaving a whole group of people.” And, although you seemed a bit confused on this point, that means putting “people before profits,” which is pretty much the central concern of the protesters in Greece right now. And we mean all people, regardless of income, race, gender, sexuality, or immigration status.

it's seems that certain anarchists are attempting to start a dialog with the anti-authoritarian members of the tea party movement.
the Phoenix Class War Council was able to do this successfully when they invited right-wing libertarians to protest a white power fascist rally. this white power fascist group was attempting to be a part of the tea party movement, but was forcefully kicked out by the anti-authoritarian members.
Our intent here was to call the libertarians in Arizona, who had been flirting with anti-immigration positions for quite a while, to choose whether they were going to act on their alleged opposition to fascism or whether they were going to defend the Nazis. Up to this time, large parts of the libertarian movement in the state had flirted, to say the least, with a kind of anti-immigrant politics that emerged mostly from their unconscious defense of whiteness. At best, they had stood by without speaking up against the crack down on immigrants and brown people generally.

there is definitely common ground between left-wing anti-authoritarians and right-wing anti-authoritarians and i think the non-libertarian right is afraid of these two groups starting a dialogue.

anyway, people like Glenn Beck are just in it to make lots of money. i doubt they mean what they say. i doubt glenn beck is being honest when comparing the peace corps to the nazis. im glad AK press wrote their letter and i do hope anarchists are able to engage with anti-authoritarians on the right. instead of protesting against tea-parties we should be attempting to start an honest talk with their libertarian sections.

and of course the daily show has yet another great clip of what a dishonest wingnut glenn beck is:
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