Death and torture supporters in concord

Most people in Concord may not realize, but we there is a local business which supports and takes part in perpetuating an unnecessary and cruel form of torture.
JEH Fur offers a range of services for fur owners, including storage, repair and resale of dead animal skins. they store over 2500 garments, most of which come from multiple animal pelts.

According to Humane Society International over 8 million animals are trapped yearly for fur, while more than 30 million were raised in fur farms. Many furs labeled otherwise are actually the pelts of dogs and cats, some of which are skinned alive.

I was in Portland a little while ago. that city has one fur store left, and it is being protested on a daily basis. other fur stores which went out of business give full credit to protesters for shutting them down.

the best way to understand someones oposition to fur is to look at where it comes from:

feel free to politely contact JEH fur and let them know how you feel about fur:

1647 Willow Pass Rd # 133
Concord, CA 94520

24/7 Voice Mail

TEL: 925-798-7101
FAX: 925.798.3650

Email: kris@jehfur.com

There is no excuse for wearing or owning fur. there are so many other alternatives. the amount of suffering caused by the fur industry by far outweighs any sort of benefit.

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  1. this place cannot be allowed to continue to do business