march 4th at DVC

SDS-DVC (Students for a Democratic Society) is holding a student rally and march through campus to fight back against the fee hikes, and cuts in student services at DVC and campuses all around the state. This is part of the larger March 4th strike and day of action.

the rally will be from 11am-2pm on campus and will include speakers, live music, a literature table, and a march through campus. Many groups are represented at SDS-DVC through individual members, including the IWW, Contra Costa Radical Action, the Peace and Freedom Party, and others.

The new SDS chapter at Napa Valley College will be down here joining in our protest against Fee Hikes and cuts in essential student services.

we will see what happens around the country on march 4th. im not a student, and i dont really care too much about student politics, but i've been getting somewhat excited by the recent student actions, including the riot that happened at UC berkeley the other night.

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