March 4th SDS protest at DVC

The Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) put on a protest rally and march at Diablo Valley College (DVC) on March 4th, the national day of action for education.
Most of the day was spent at a rally outside of the student union building, with a band performing and many speakers addressing the crowd.

During the rally a small group of DVC students went over to College Park High School to show solidarity with local high schoolers. A number of high school students wanted to walk out and join the DVC rally, but were prevented from doing so by an armed police officer and school administrators. likewise, the DVC students were prevented from stepping onto the high school campus. However, the two groups of students were able to communicate and express solidarity with one another from a distance.

A number of fire alarms throughout the DVC campus were also set off, after which some people at the rally wanted to go and march through campus to gather more students to join them. the numbers at the rally were dwindling and the rally seemed to be going on for a really long time, especially since the band kept playing music between every few speakers. as soon as they started to march, a few older male bodied people, one of whom is a teacher, came running up to the marches yelling that they are not allowed to march; that the permit for a march was an hour later, and those attempting to march have to come back to the rally. many of those who started marching were scared back to the rally by these self appointed authorities.

finally, after the rally ended a permitted march through campus did take place, with a second, shorter rally at the quad. afterwards, many of the students went to the oakland and san francisco rallies.


budget cuts may affect the education system, but there sure seemed to be no lack of police presence:

This very loud and in-your-face alpha-male type of person was extremely upset that students would attempt to march before the rally was officially over:

At college park high school:

this is Professor Mickey Huff, one of the people telling the people who attempted to march before the rally was officially over that they are not allowed to do so:


  1. Nice pictures and coverage. Were you one of the organizers for this event?

  2. "This very loud and in-your-face alpha-male type of person " HAHAHAHAAA!!!!!!!! So true !

  3. right on!!!! When's the next rally?