the crazies come out of the woodwork sometimes

some whack job wants to change the name of mount diablo to mount reagan, after the former republican president.
The proponent, a resident of Oakley, believes the word “Diablo” is “derogatory and profane” and should be changed. This is his second attempt to seek a new name for the summit; in 2005 the BGN did not approve his proposal to change it to Mount Yahweh (two other proposals, for Mount Miwok and Mount Ohlone, were considered and rejected at the same meeting.

yahweh of course meaning "god" in hebrew.
i think it's fair to assume this person is a crazy right wing religious nut job.
luckly we live in the bay area, which is sane enough to usually ignore these types of idiots. other parts of the state, such as riverside, are not so lucky. recently a mother got her child's school district to take all the copies of a dictionary out of the school libraries. the reason for the district to ban a dictionary from all their libraries? the dictionary had a definition of oral sex. these people are insane.

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