more walnut creek gun news

so looking at the california open carry forums, i realize that some of the details of the walnut creek meetup have changed.
california pizza kitchen has banned open carry folks from all of its locations, so the open carry folks are not announcing the new location for their walnut creek meet up to the public. you have to send a private message on their forums to find out the location.
pete's coffee has also banned open carry people from all of their locations.

if you read through the forums, a lot of the members are (unsuprisingly) right-wing libertarian (extream capitalist) types. some folks are going around comparing a business not allowing them to carry a gun on their property with segregation. a pretty stupid comparison. for one thing, you can always take your gun off. a person of color can't become white whenever they feel like it.
I'm all for gun rights, but attempting to make gun rights similar to civil rights struggles shows a large amount of ignorance and privilege.
open carry forum member chewy352 went on to compare pete's coffee's ban on guns as akin to nazi germany. really? a stupid coffee chain telling people they cant have a gun on property is parallel to mass genocide? really? people of all political persuasions need to lay off the comparisons to nazism. it make you sound hysterical.

finally, the insanity of extreme capitalists comes into play
However, I believe the law prohibiting discrimination is wrong, and I intend to work to overturn it. While I realize it's not a popular view, I believe a business owner should be permitted to reserve the right to refuse service for any reason. It's a basic liberty issue. If I run a cafe that only serves white christians, then someone will do well who opens a cafe next to mine that serves all races and religions. The free market fixes the problem.

history shows tht this isnt true. people are not always rational. let us say you live in a town that is 90% white and 10% black, but that a lot of the white people are racist and want to be segregated from the black folk. if there is a cafe that only serves white folk, and you open up a cafe that serves both black and white folk, you might get business from the black folk, but most of the white folk wont come to you. even if a lot of the white folk arnt racist, if enough of them are, those who are not racist will loose social status and will loose in other ways if they start associating with black folks.
humans are not always rational. racism exists and is sometimes the norm in a society. it is often costly to go against social norms.

capitalist arguments work well in theory. but so does just about everything else.

anyway, there's a cool idea to carry gun holsters with bananas in them and go into peets or california pizza kitchen. i think it's a creative little protest, and i bet the media would eat it right up (pun intended! waa waa...)

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