Traditional Chinese Medicine kills sharks

Alternative medicine is a huge market in the United States, and especially places like California. One type of "alternative" to standard medicine is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM.) There are a number of TCM practitioners throughout the bay area, including concord and walnut creek.
In this post i want to look at one really disturbing type of "medicine" that TCM promotes; shark fins. Shark fins are supposed to fight cancer, which is a bunch of BS. If it were true, western medicine would jump all over it and make a lot of money curing people who do have cancer. In fact, shark fins have been found to have large amounts of mercury in them, and that poses a health risk to anyone consuming them.
I wouldn't really care if people wanted to take ineffective medicines, but shark fins are different. shark fins are obtained by catching live sharks, cutting off their fins, and then throwing the live shark back into the water. take a look:

while i dont know if the local Chinese medicine shops sell shark fin products, it seems likely. and of course the assholes at http://seagateproducts.com/ go so far as to market Shark Cartilage For Pets! fuck them in the face. seriously.

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