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after oscar grant was murdered by BART police someone went online and wrote
The best pigs are dead (expletive) pigs and if any of you Oakland or BART pigs (expletive) are reading this your time is coming you pigs- (expletive) sooner than you think and this isn't a threat it's a (expletive) promise (expletive)!! I'm curious to know what it looks like up close to see pigs (expletive) get their brains splattered against a wall.

looks like the guy who posted that and a few other things online is going to serve 3 years in prison for making threats.

a concord dude was arrested for robbing video game stores. that arrest is very likely going to be his third strike, which means his life is over. he's going to be locked up in a cage for the rest of his life. for stealing a few nintendos? it's not like a felon can really find a decent job. whack.

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  1. this dude got busted because alex jones handed over his IP to the FBI. i don't think this is the first time someone has gone to jail for making comments on infowars. hmmmm.... kinda reminds me of that other right-wing radio host, hal turner, who used his fierce rhetoric to stir people up so he could inform on them to the FBI. kinda makes me wonder about that alex jones......