walnut creek graffiti vandals interview

so back in the day, when graffiti was a big 'problem' in walnut creek, and it was getting talked about by the city council and the news papers wrote stories about it, there was this cop clemente. he is still around, but all the graffiti kids have moved on. this cop was hilarious though. he was in charge of graffiti in walnut creek. so he would go busting every under age kid he could for smoking or drinking or any little thing he could find, and then offer to let them go, as long as they told him who X graffiti writer was. none of the kids ever snitched, so he never caught anyone.
but for a good while, people would go around walnut creek and write things like "wcpd officer clemente is a pedophile" or "clemente has AIDS." they printed up stickers with his pictures on them and the same message. it was pretty funny.
anyway, there is a zine put online that has an interview from those times with both some walnut creek graffiti writers and a cop, who i can only guess is officer clemente. worth the read.

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