SDS presents capitalism at DVC

so over a month ago the students for a democratic society over at diablo valley college held a discussion panel about the nature of capitalism. as Mickey Huff, instructor at DVC points out, the fact that capitalism should exist is usually taken as a given within our society. views that support capitalism are seen as objective, whereas those which critique capitalism are bias.
the panel was set up as 2 marixsts 2 capitalists and 2 anarchists.
the video of the debate is online. it is split up into 10 parts on youtube, all about 10 minutes long, which is a lot. part 1 is almost all introductions, so it isnt a big deal to skip.

part 2 is the marxist perspective. the main gist is that capitalism is failing and will fail and we need to have the working class take ownership of the means of production. he completely underestimates capitalisms ability to adapt. he also believes in central planning, which has over and over been shown to not work on any sort of large scale.

part 3
is the capitalist liberatarian ron paul supporter. as pointed out in the intro, views against capitalism are so rare within our society he totally makes a mistake of defining socialism as all property being state owned. you do not need to have a state to get rid of private property.
after he incorrectly assumes that socialism = government, he goes on to talk about how government doesnt do anything, it is the people who do things. the government just administers. it's true, the government doesnt build roads, workers do. but you can use the same exact argument against having a capitalist class! they owners dont produce anything, the workers do.
it's kind of funny watching him speak, because he just goes on about how terrible government is, which i agree with. he seems to not realize that it is possible to have little or no government and not have capitalism.
he also goes on to talk about how communalism doesnt work because there is no incentive. it's true on a large scale, but i do believe that in smaller scale societies, especially those where everyone knows everyone else, that would nto be true. there are other reasons people do things than just money such as love, social respect, friendship, etc.
now part 4 is where you should actually start watching. about 3:20 into part 4, cause thats when the anarchist starts speaking:

he starts off a tad slow, talking about the origins of anarchism, but once he starts going into how it is different from socialism he starts laying it all down.

they then go into Q and A, which is worth watching. that's when folks really start to debate one another. the types of questions asked also say a bit about DVC students.
if you got some time, go watch the videos. good job for putting this on DVC SDS.

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