no one is illegal.

Possibly due to pressure from the INS bastards, Target in Walnut Creek decided to make sure all of it's overnight workers have proof that they are legally in the states. The store apparently only focused on the night-shift workers many of whom are spanish speakers. About 45 people lost their jobs that night.

"Forty-five people are without a job," said lawyer Rocio Avila of La Raza Centro Legal, a San Francisco legal group pressing Target for more information. "Many of the workers there were long-term workers. There was one gentleman who had been (at Target) for 19 years, and the average was five to six years. These weren't temporary workers, seasonal workers for the holiday season. These were loyal workers who had been there for a long time.

instead of being able to peacefully celebrate the holidays, these people had their lives turned completely upside down. it just goes to show, bosses and capitalists dont give a fuck about the workers and will ruin lives without a second thought.

governments draw these imaginary lines, and then tell us that if you live on one side of the line you are a part of one nation, and if you live on the other side of the (often changing) line, you are from another nation and have nothing in common. it makes no sense.
capital and money is able to move through borders without a problem, why arnt workers able to do the same?

abolish borders
, abolish capitalism.

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