how to make some cash this holiday season

you can do the old grab and run, which according to police reports someone did the other day at broadway plaza. they picked up like 30 pairs of jeans, ran out the door into a car and drove off. now they can sell the jeans at the flea market or where ever and make some cash money for xmas. sweet.

however, i think this dude had a much better scam going.
Police say Bolanos, dressed in tie and jacket, walked into a gas station at San Pablo and Knott avenues about 5 p.m., quickly flashed a badge and said he worked for the Department of Labor, or something to that effect. He pointed out numerous "violations" to the clerk and said they would result in major fines — unless, that is, they paid to settle up immediately.

Bolanos claimed to be a state or federal Labor Department inspector. He generally left each business with $300 to $800, either in cash or check.

pretty genius. most stores wont report that they just bribed an official, because then they get into trouble too. the police are guessing that there are 25 to 35 total times he pulled this scam before someone actually called the cops. he probably shouldnt have accepted checks as a form of payment.

sure sounds better than working a crummy retail job.

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