yet another reason why i dislike liberals is their insistence on the police having guns, but citizens not being able to arm themselves.
luckily we live in the United States and not backwards-ass-Europe. Citizens of this country have not allowed the government to hold a complete monopoly on guns.
With a liberal in the white house again, it seems like the gun-rights folks are seeing a surge in activism. Even the anarchists are being more open about carrying guns. recently, anti-racist anarchists demonstrating against a neo-nazi rally in Pheonix showed up armed.
Now the media in the bay area has noticed this surge in gun activism and they are doing some pretty terrible reporting on folks who are legally and openly carrying guns.
did you know that once upon a time you used to be able to carry around loaded weapons in california? then what happened? some crazy right-wing guy shot up an abortion clinic? nope, the black panther party held a peaceful rally in front of the state capital and they brought their guns. this freaked out the white politicians so much that they passed a law making it illegal to do that ever again.

anyway, know your rights, check out where and how you are able to legally carry your guns in the open, and then do so. Concord also happens to have the only shooting range in the area.

i leave you with someone in the south bay being stopped for legally carrying his gun. notice he doesnt talk to the cop and doesnt allow the cop to search him.

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