whimps and posers leave the hall

now that the capitalists got this recession going, we cant even play by their rules. how do they expect people to survive when there aint no jobs?
i guess a pro-market economist would just say that people should die off until the supply of labor equals the amount demanded by employers...

but not everyone is sucker enough to play by their rules. the 925 has recently seen a large rise in theft of metals, such as copper. the city government of Brentwood has lost thousands of dollars in copper.
CBS news did a pretty good how-to-steal-copper-wire video which can be seen here. it also points out that the only thing the city of concord can do to stop copper wire theft is putting big rocks over the covers of the wires. the first rocks they tried failed in stopping the copper thieves. now they are going to try bigger rocks.
finally, in Vallejo thieves got a 1,500 pound civil-war era cannon from a war memorial in a cemetery. i guess the cannon was there to honer those soldiers who died in the imperialist spanish-american war. i dont see how placing a weapon used to inflict death and destruction next to someones grave honers them.

what it comes down to is: property is theft, whenever the economy does poorly it is the poorest who get hit the hardest, and if you are smart, you are gonna break all their whack ass rules and get away with as much as you can.

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  1. Prices of copper and several metals have plummeted due to the recession, but in the future there should be a bubble again, like with oil