why we blog

there a few reasons why we started a blog.

we want to document cool things that happen in the 925 area code. we know of a bunch of cool things that happened over the years that are most likely unknown to those who were not there. and the thing with the 925 is a lot of people who grow up here, leave as soon as they can. there is no one to pass on this knowledge to the youth. how many of today's kids know about the tunnel across from the bowling alley with all the crazy '80s punk graffiti? the old walnut creek squats? the pirate radio station?

we like reading the news, and local blogs carry a lot of cool stories that the contra costa times doesnt. and lord knows other bay area paper ignore this part of the bay completely. the problem is that the contra costa times and the local blogs all tend to have certain points of view which annoy us. like the insane amount of pro-police propaganda. maybe it's just the company we keep, but there's a lot of people who dislike the police, yet you would never know that from reading those blogs and newspapers.
we want to expose people to a different line of thought. most of us didnt become anarchists over night. we were exposed to the ideas, and over time, through our personal experiences we came to believe what we do. we dont expect anyone to become an anarchist from reading this blog, but maybe they will be able to look at things from another point of view.

if all else fails, maybe we will can just annoy online conservatives and grammar nazis alike. we dont capitalize our sentences because we're anti-capitalists! whaa whaa...

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  1. I blog because I can share great stories like the HALO 3 pre-launch tour