graffiti is the root of all evil

i like graffiti. i think it looks cool. i think it's cool kids are learning to draw and paint rather than sitting around doing speed.

people watch action movies because they want a rush. but an action movie will leave the watcher unsatisfied. after all, the movie was fake, and the watcher was just a spectator. going out an doing graffiti gives people a real rush. there is a real danger, an there is active participation. like many extreme sports, graffiti can be addictive.

graffiti allows individuals to have a direct effect on what their neighborhood and surroundings look like. it's not some bureaucratic city planner or some capitalist who can afford to put up advertisements.

really though, just go read this.

oh, and there's also this:

which makes it all worthwhile.


  1. Graffiti is not cool. It is not art. It is rude/disrespectful of other people's private property or community property. it is the equivalent of littering with paint/ink. It costs thousands of dollars to the community to remove, and is a total display of the disregard people have for each other in a community.

  2. well its a part of urban life...and if you cant deal with it...thats too bad.
    By the way its 2009 you should know its an art.