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  1. Yo Straight, I'm a fellow commie liberal new to your blog but I'm a little confused on this post. Is it advocating graffiti? Sure the artistic part of the tags are somewhat cool but i am so sick of these dickheads trashing our neighborhoods....your thoughts.........

  2. trolls should not be fed.... but...

    1. i am not a commie liberal.
    2. those are not tags, the correct term is "piece".
    3. the neighborhood belongs just as much to the graffiti 'dickheads' as it does you or me. (corporations which place advertisements on bus stops and billboards however, do not have any business being in our neighborhoods.)
    4. art is a meaningless word. these two pieces look cool and took a lot of work to create. call it art if you want.

  3. Straight, it wasn't an attempt at trolling as I really am rather Liberal the "Commie" was self deprecating sarcasm. However you say "The neighborhoods belong just as much to the graffiti dickheads as it does you and me" Really?
    So anyone has the right to put their "piece" wherever they please. Isn't that more anarchistic than Liberal.As a Liberal I feel I have more responsibility to society than to place my pieces/art wherever it feels good to me.

    Again, not trying to be a troll but merely discussing the issue.

  4. the things is, i view most graffiti as a victim-less crime. putting some paint on a wall isnt relly hurting anyone, and i think it's important to note that almost all graffiti is done on public property or on business property, not on people's houses.

    what responsibilities do you feel you have to society?

    i think the freedom for an individual to visually affect his or her surroundings is more important than a business being able to determine what their walls look like.

    so in my view, yeah, anyone should have the freedom to put up a piece almost anywhere they please.
    either that, or we as neighborhoods have meetings and decide collectively what we want our surroundings to look like.

    also, we are not liberals. we in fact are anarchists. anarchists who believe that working for a wage in a capitalist class society is a form of slavery.

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