and the most famous concordian actor...

tom hanks! everyone from concord knows tom hanks was born here.

however, there is a second famous actor who i only heard of very recently; julie strain, "Queen of the B-movies". she was not only born in concord, but she actually grew up here also, even attending DVC. problem is, dont ask her too much about her youth because she had retrograde amnesia due to a severe head injury suffered in a fall from a horse. that, and she seems to not really be fond of concord. bummer. we can still claim her as our own though. hell, the drive to get out of your crummy hometown is what makes a lot of the kids in concord strive for something more. almost everyone i went to high school with left town as soon as they could.
i don't know what's cooler, tom hanks, or this low budget b-movie horror sci fi porn star.

here's an interview where twice she says that a lot of her motivation comes from wanting to get away from her hometown:

if you do a search online for julie strain you're going to find a lot of nudity, so be warned.

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