hey, iran, free my friends!

it's kind of funny. when i first read that three american hikers were arrested for illegally entering iran, my first thought was "hikers? yeah, right, i bet it was the CIA or some kinda government special forces."*

it turns out i know two of the people involved, and can say for certain that they are not working for the US government. it's a bummer, and i hope they are safe and are freed very soon. it probably doesnt help that the iranian government has been blaming foreign journalists for the election protests that took place there. shane, one of the three hikers has done freelance journalism before. his website is here. lots of great pictures.

anyway, there's a new website their families put up and i wanted to link to it here. so go there.

*just goes to show, when you make assumptions you make an ass out of you and me.

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