pig rally

oh boy, there's gonna be a buncha bacon in walnut creek on monday.

some idiots decided to have a pro johannes mehserl, pro pig rally.

Anyone who supports Johannes and our Law Enforcement Officers may attend. This is a peaceful rally to show our support for Johannes and the injustices he is experiencing.

The rally is from 2pm-7pm on Monday July 19th at the Walnut Creek Courthouse on Ygnacio Valley Road.

i really wasnt sure if i should give these idiots any more publicity, but i guess the contra costa times picked up on this, so i may as well mention it.
oh, and 2-7 on monday? dont these people have jobs?!
(which is something you always hear right-wingers saying whenever the left has a rally)
i sure hope this thing stays peaceful. it sure would be a pity if a riot broke out in walnut creek or is some of those bomb throwing anarchists showed up. that would be a real pity.

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  1. If you took the picture of the fellow painting above, you and I were just a few feet apart that night.