lawyer scum in pleasant hill

the KKK.... errr, i mean, the Mehserle supporters held their little rally in walnut creek and were far outnumbered and outclassed by the larger group of Oscar Grant supporters.

In other interesting news, Michael Rains, the lawyer scum bag who has been defending Merserle is from San Ramon and has his offices in Pleasant Hill. His whole deal is that he defends corrupt cops, including the Oakland Riders. Feel free to read about the criminal cops he has been defending on his firm's website.

For the pigs reading this, if you feel like beating someone up or shooting and unarmed man in the back, just get in touch with Rains, Lucia & Wilkinson LLP. They will make sure you will not be held accountable for your actions.

Pleasant Hill (Main Office)
2300 Contra Costa Boulevard
Suite 230
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
PH: 925.609.1699
FX: 925.609.1690


  1. some of the most ignorant words I have ever read. the best way to not get shot by police is to not be on bart during early morning hours on new year's (without your family) causing trouble. there is enough racism in this world; we don't need to manufacture it. you should not misinterpret lack of skill for hate.

  2. that comment sounds a bit judgmental. there is nothing wrong with going out on new year's eve and getting a little bit rowdy. that could have been any one of us who went out and left our family at home and caused enough trouble that it was necessary for police officers to intervene. right? any one of us could have done that. right?

  3. I guess the real question is..."would" any one of us behave this way? nope. most of us don't put ourselves in that situation. one word...darwin.

  4. a good parent teaches their child to stay away from reckless and dangerous situations. and this seems like the complete opposite. or is it? lesson learned...stay home and celebrate with your family. he probably is racist. however, I don't think his error was caused by racism. it is like saying if he had crashed his car into a black man's car; it was caused by his racism. it makes no sense. unless you believe he meant to shoot him. and that I don't believe.

  5. These people lack the historical knowledge on the police force in realation to the Black colonies. The police are an oppressive and racist organization that is in place to protect the white power structure. In the 1950's and 1960's racist whites from the south were recruited as cops in California. In NJ Nazi Skin heads were cops.
    You'd be a fool to believe that Meserle's act was not out of hate for Black people. He has a history of making racist comments in Highschool and as police officer. Research what he did to that Black engineer.
    You'd be a fool to believe the OPD really gives a sh* about Black and Brown youth. Where was Meserhele from by the way? He was from Napa, there are no Black people in Napa. Matter of fact there are barely any black people in Contra Costa County. My point is, if you never live around Black people or learn about the culture in school(besides slavery), and all you see is negative stereotypes on TV and hear racist epithets from your folks, as a White person you will not understand nor respect Black people.
    This is the case today, and in the case of Mesherle.

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