Greeks need your help

so the Greeks who spoke briefly at the anarchist bookfair and then at more length at the BASTARD conference had their car broken into and a bunch of stuff taken. FBI? who knows...
if you are able to, you should donate some money.
their talk was possibly the best one i have ever seen. it wasnt full of facts, so i guess i didnt learn a lot in that sense. but it was great to see a couple of people who come from a different culture, and who come from a place with a huge and powerful anarchist movement. it was great to hear of all these seemingly amazing things that have been accomplished by the anarchists in greece. and it helped that both of the speakers were very charming. it was extremely inspiring.
one of the best things was to hear how much emphasis they put on building a movement and reaching out to people. In the USA many anarchists write publications for fellow anarchists. it also seems that in the USA many insurrectionist anarchists focus on attacking and fucking shit up, and almost ignore things like propaganda and building a larger movement (i cant think of a better word.) it sounded like in greece, there is a lot more of an attempt to communicate with non-anarchists. makes me want to go wheat-paste or print out and pass out pamphlets at a protest march.

it was just a really inspiring speech and made me want to go visit greece and see what it looks like for myself.
here is audio of a talk they gave in southern california.
here is the full audio of the talk in berkeley at the BASTARD conference. listen to it. seriously, it is a much better thing to talk about than lierre keith getting pied.

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