Anarchist social event of the year

the 15th annual anarchist social gathering of the year is this weekend!
the San Francisco anarchist bookfair!
along with a large number of tables, there will be an auditorium of speakers.
speakers include:
Yantra Bertelli, Terry Bisson, Ward Churchill, John Curl, Diane DiPrima, John Duda, Matt Hern, Owen Hill, Luis A. Fernandez, Peter Gelderloos, Andrej Grubacic, Owen Hill, Lierre Keith, Margaret Killjoy, Ernesto Longa, Carlos Martinez, Jason McQuinn, Keith McHenry, Tommi Avicolli Mecca, Cindy Milstein, Patrick Reinsborough. Kim Stanley Robinson, Penelope Rosemont, Sarah Talbot, Kristian Williams and John Zerzan.

and like years past, there will be an anarchist cafe on friday and the BASTARD conference on sunday.

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