How to properly assault a BART police officer

to properly assault a Bart cop you must:

1. not have enough time to follow orders that the cop gives you before he grabs you and starts shoving you where he wants you to go.
2. walk with him without resisting when he grabs you and shoves you.
3. allow the cop to slam your face through a window with such force that the window shatters.
4. lay on the ground without attempting to get up as the fat pig stands over you while holding you in a painful arm hold.

maybe you've seen the video of the BART cop slaming the drunk dude's head through the glass window.
take another look at tell me exactly where the drunk guy performs battery on a police officer with injury and obstruction and resisting an officer. because along with public intoxication, that's what he is being charged with.
charges like that, when you have the video clearly showing otherwise is exactly why you should never ever believe anything that the pigs claim. i have little doubt that if this wasnt caught on video the pig would be claiming that the drunk threw the cop through the window....

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