DVC police claim to be a part of the community

The pigs over at Diablo Valley College have finally rebuilt their headquarters, after it was set on fire and made unusable last year. A statement of solidarity released at the time by a group called Concord Revolutionary Anarchist People read
3 separate incendiary devices ignited overnight to completely destroy the offices of the Diablo Valley College police.

In a bold move against the growing police state, anonymous individuals in Pleasant Hill, California, have set fire to the offices of the Diablo Valley College police department.
The fire was first reported at 2:25 am. Four engines, one truck and about 20 firefighters later and the blaze was finally put out, but not after completely destroying the lobby of the building, and making the structure unusable.
The police services, an actual law enforcement department, patrols several campuses within the Contra Costa Community College District, but is based at DVC. Initial estimates show about $250,000 in damage was done to the structure, as well as $75,000 to the contents inside the office.
In other countries, police are not allowed to set foot on college campuses. Yet in the United States, college bureaucrats welcome these armed thugs, hoping that they will keep the youth in line and prevent student revolts from taking place. With schools increasingly looking like prisons, we can only hope for more acts of resistance.
As of yet, the police have named no suspects. unfortunately, the police department will still be able to function, though with less comfort. They will now be working out of a conference room in the business and foreign language department. They must now also work with the knowledge that there is a passion of resistance growing around them.
In solidarity with the anonymous arsonists,
-Concord Revolutionary Anarchist People

A few day ago the pigs showed off their new headquarters to the public by giving tours, including giving young children from the college’s Family Life Center their own tour of the station and giving them their very own plastic badges.

They said the celebration is to show that Police Services is “part if the community, not apart from it.”

They are not fooling anyone other than young children with this public relations BS. Of course the pigs are not part of the community. Members of a community all have the ability to interact with one another as equals.
The pigs, on the other hand, hold themselves as authority figures who have power over the community. the community doesnt have any input into the action of the pigs. the community isnt able to give suggestions or help make decisions as to who is a danger to the community and who isnt, and what should and should not be done to them.
The relationship between these pigs, armed with their guns and their tasers, and the community is one of terror. The police keep members of the community in line by using the threat of force and arrest against them. The pigs realize this, and that is the reason they always attempt to convince children they are the good guys. They will always be outside the community, attempting to control it. Whether they succeed or not is up to the community.

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