bank robbers

Two Concord bank-robbery suspects were identified after they left behind baseball caps and a "High School Musical" bag filled with dye-stained cash, court records show....Garner admitted that he and Turner committed last year's robbery and that he was later "yelled at" for dropping the money "since it could have been cleaned with alcohol," Dorman wrote.

come on guys, leaving behind evidence, and then admitting to doing the crime? and all they would have gotten away with was less than $7,000? not very good bank robbers.

Lucio Urtubia, on the other hand was one of the most amazing bank robbers ever. This spanish anarchist, amongst other things, stole from the army, then deserted, robbed a bunch of banks, and counterfeited a bunch of stuff. he helped kidnap Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie out of bolivia, and assisted and worked with a ton of revolutionary groups such as the black panthers and ETA. he also forged a ton of travelers checks and used the money to fund leftist groups world wide. when finally caught, the police were unable to find the printing plates for the checks, and the banks were so desperate to stop the forged checks from being made the state agreed to give Lucio only 6 months in jail, and Citibank actually paid Lucio more money in exchange for the plates.
it's an amazing almost unbelievable story. you can watch a documentary about Lucio on youtube. however it is in spanish. if you dont speak spanish i believe there are torrents available for download which have english subtitles. watch it and be awed.

"The banks are the real crooks, they exploit you, take your money and cause all the wars."
-Lucio Urtubia

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