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The Modesto Anarcho Crew have another issue of their awesome zine up on the interwebz for free downloads. It’s a PDF file. Download it, read it, love it, get inspired and go do something that aint all about being on the interwebz.
I always had a special kinda respect for the folks in modesto. Instead of moving out of their shitty hometown they stuck with it and actually do stuff other than speed, which is saying a lot for folks from the central valley. In fact, they probably do more than most of the kids who live in ‘cool’ towns like Oakland. In Oakland, all anyone ever seems to do is dumpster food and go from one party or show to the next.
I mean, yeah, some people in Oakland do all the standard activist stuff like food not bombs, needle exchange, books to prisons, etc. and that’s awesome and it should all be done, but come on. Oakland has like 50 billion anarchists (most of whom grew up in and left shitty towns like modesto (and concord)) and yet they pose no threat to the local authorities. Nothing new or creative or original ever happens. Yeah, the Oscar Grant riots were cool, but what have the Oakland anarchos done recently? Too much socializing, not enough rebelling.
Speaking about their new infoshop, Firehouse 51, the modesto folks get it right on. “While other anarchist infoshops and spaces leave you stuck talking to some wingnut about “9/11 Truth” and checking yourself for scabies, Firehouse 51 remains refreshing, original, and unrefined.”
Slightly ironically, they will be speaking the long haul infoshop in berkeley on October 3rd, and at station 40 in san Francisco on the 4th.

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