climate change is gonna fuck you up

Looks like California is getting help from the Dutch in dealing with the rising levels of ocean water.
Avoiding sea level rise is by now impossible. The Bay has risen 8 inches since the start of the 20th century, and scientists worldwide agree that the Bay Area in particular can expect to experience sea level rise of as much as 16 inches by midcentury and as much as 55 inches by 2100.
Extreme storms will increase annual risk of flooding from 1 percent to 100 percent if no actions are taken to protect the Bay Area shoreline, potentially endangering 270,000 residents, according to the Pacific Institute.

50% of the Netherlands is below sea level, so they know a thing or two about keeping places from getting flooded. According to the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, Concord doesn’t have as much to worry about from rising sea levels, but some parts of the bay area are screwed, including SFO and the Oakland airport.

Along with more violent storms and a rise in sea level, we can also expect higher temperatures, increased wildfires, decreased water supplies, increased energy demand, higher levels of air pollution and the health risks that go with it.
41% of green house gasses emitted in California come from transportation. How can the City of Concord honestly allow development to take place on the Concord Naval Weapons Station? In the draft EIR they point out every intersection and onramp and street where they think new and more extreme traffic jams will occur. Today was the third consecutive day with a bad air advisory in the bay area, yet the city of concord wants to put more cars on the roads?
California is already in the midst of a water crisis. How can anyone expect us to increase the population of California, while the water supply keeps shrinking? My water bill is already too high. It makes no sense to develope the CNWS. Not with the threats that climate change brings.

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