cell phone tower on lime ridge

I took a little walk over to the spot where Nextel wants to put up a cell phone tower on lime ridge open space. I didn’t take any pictures of the deer or views or other cool things I saw. They can never do justice to actually being out there and seeing it for yourself.
I did take a picture of the erosion and destruction cattle create out there. There really shouldn’t be any cattle grazing on public open space land. The park service claims that cows somehow help the natural area, but I don’t see it. All I see is erosion, cow dung and less plant life.

I also saw some old anarchist graffiti. No one is illegal.

And some really ugly houses built in front of the Clayton Quarry. I just thought it shows how ugly civilization can be.

Eventually I got up to where the cell phone tower might be placed and saw some anti-cell phone graffiti. On the structure that already exists there.

If you have nothing better to do, go write the city of walnut creek to ban cattle grazing on open space land, and to not build cell phone towers on lime ridge. Or go do some anti cell phone graffiti.

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