bicycle trail complaints

As anyone who rides the canal trail or the iron horse trail knows, there are some spots that need to be repaved. Some of these places have been like that for years now. Here are two that I pass by on a regular basis.

The first is on the contra costa canal trail. It is between bancroft road and heather farms park. That stretch of trail seems to have never ending pot holes, such as the one in the picture. Riding a bicycle over that sucks. If you have some time, feel free to let the east bay park district know you would like that section repaved.

The second is on the iron horse trail, in walnut creek. It’s between mount diablo blvd and civic park. There is a section of trail that has these weird bumps that make riding a bike annoying. Once again, it is the east bay park district that is in charge of this bike trail also. Contact them.

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