tv sucks, but.....

cc times.
so generally, television sucks, but when it tells you to kill your evil boss/landlord, i guess it aint all bad.

dude named diaz claims to have killed his boss because his TV told him to, and if he didnt, the worldwide organization that was talking to him through his television would kill diaz.

however, the prosecution claims that dude
killed because he was long angry and frustrated at his employer for paying him $100 a month — far
less than minimum wage — for shifts at the restaurant exceeding 40 hours a week, Chang said.

Ibarra-Ramirez, 53, was also Diaz's landlord, letting the Mexican immigrant live in units undergoing renovations at the Devonshire Apartments, which he owned across the street.

there's a few lessons to be learned here:

1) dont treat your workers like shit, paying them less than minimum wage.

2) dont be a shitty landlord, or you might get shanked.

3) dont piss off crazy people.

4) television kills.

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