is it wrong to laugh?

CC times: a couple of ladies were hiking in briones open space and it got dark and they got lost and called 911 cause they heard coyotes and were rescued by helicopter.
it's messed up to laugh at this, but god damn, people, it amazes me how disconnected from nature folks are.

i find night time hiking to be really pleasant. the temperature is nice and cool, it's more quiet and calm. our area is perfect for night time hikes, the open space hills have so few trees that most nights you can see pretty much everything. and the cities look really cool at night. and sometimes you have to work all day and dont have time to go walking around while the sun is still out.

and coyotes? hell, when was the last time anyone heard of coyotes attacking an adult? it just doesnt happen.

i'm so used to sleeping under the stars, it's weird for me to think that this might frighten other people, but it does. they hear a deer walking by and imagine every horror film they have ever seen.

it's ok to be afraid of things. all normal people are afraid of something. but it's not just about a fear of nature, it's a complete dissociation with our natural surroundings. most people know who brad pitt is and who he is dating. how many people know what kind of trees are native to our area? i bet if you show people a picture of mel gibson, they will know who that is. if you show people a california bay laurel tree, how many will be able to name it?

most people pay more attention to movie stars who they will never meet than they do to the amazing natural wonders that surround them.

it makes me sad.

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