no BART strike. but you can buy a trendy fixed gear from urban outfitters

cool, no BART strike. people can stick to their daily routine. sleep, commute, work, commute, sleep, commute, work, commute... and on the wekends? consume!
as someone who doesnt drive, and lives in the suburbs, and enjoyes going to the more urban parts of the bay area, im glad BART will not stop running.

in other news, i guess i've been out of the bicycle-news loop, but apparently, urban outfitters, the company that sell trendy low quality clothes has started selling trendy low quality bicycles.
cheap bicycles are good. not everyone can afford to or wants to pay for a quality bicycle. these urban outfiter bikes cost less than a sinlge wheel at other places. the more people riding bicycles, the better. lord knows i've ridden some crummy-ass bicycles in my days...
however, cheap bicycles are also bad. someone gets one of these low quality bikes, doesnt like it because the bike is uncomfortable and too heavy, and is turned off from bicycling all together.

really though, the people who would buy and ride a bicycle from urban outfitters are most likely going to ride it no matter how uncomfortable it is as long as funny colored fixed gear bicycles are hip. as soon as they stop being hip, they will move on to the next trend. (scooters?)

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