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most of the anti-BART-workers comments online seem to basically go like this:
"at my job i don't have a union, so my boss cut my pay and the bankers and wall street created a recession. because i am not doing too well right now, i think the BART workers are being greedy and evil for not wanting to suffer along with me. they should all be fired for not accepting the reality that capitalism is an oppressive system which screws over working class people."

well, ok, maybe the comments are exactly like that, but more or less that's the gist of things.
no one gets this upset when BART management decides to waste BART money for no reason.
There is a time for expanding BART’s system. In the midst of the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression isn’t one of them. Nevertheless, the BART Board has chosen to fund a $522 million people mover to the Oakland Airport, and rejected a far more sensible proposal for a $45 million state-of-the-art RapidBART bus [http://www.transformca.org/files/TransForm-Oakland-Airport-Connection.pdf] bus system that would be just as fast and convenient as BART’s half billion dollar boondoggle. The cost to riders? For BART’s people mover, $12 round-trip, which does not include the price of their BART ticket.

well, there is one piece of good news. the BART police chief is resigning. good riddance. now if only they got rid of the rest of those armed thugs.

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