Concord's very own Dave Brubeck

Dave Brubeck is a well recognized jazz pianist who was born in Concord! He did grow up in Ione, California (which used to be called bed bug city!) but we Concordians can still claim him as one of our own.
You can read more about Mr. Brubeck on his wikipedia page and listen to some fo his music on youtube.
Here is an old video of a young Mr. Brubeck playing with The Dave Brubeck Quartet. Halfway through the video we are treated to an interview with Mr. Burbeck.

Finally, we should remember that along with being a tremendous musician, Mr. Burbeck created one of the first racially integrated bands of the US armed forces.
Later, he faced pressure from club owners and television producers who were not willing to allow an integrated band to perform. Instead of taking the easy way out and replacing the black musicians in his band, Mr. Brubeck canceled those appearances. This included whole tours of countries such as South Africa.
Now that is someone Concord can be proud of.

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