diablo food not bombs a success

So Food not Bombs was able to give out food for free on thursday's farmers market without any hassles from the police or the health department.
the CC times:
a number of people who were not with their group, such as Ravinder Sekhon, of Pittsburg, got free food, too.

"It's a good way to get the issue (of hunger and war) to the front," he said as he walked away with two toddlers in tow, plate in hand.

He was not worried about the group lacking a health permit.

"Aw, come on. Let it slide. These guys are not hurting anybody," he said.

make no mistake, Food not Bombs (FnB) is a charity group. it's not a revolutionary group or anything like that. however, unlike other charities, FnB tends to be anarchist inspired. they dont really care to beg the government for permission to do something nice. it's completely insane to have to deal with a bunch of bureaucratic paper work just to give away some food.
FnB also tends to be different from other charity groups in that they want to spread a certain message with their work. their name alone points out the backwards priorities that government's tend to have. spending trillions of dollars on war, while people go hungry.
FnB serves at public places for a reason. our society loves to hide away all signs of poverty, pretending it doesnt exist. that way, when people spend thousands of dollars on a diamond ring they dont have to feel guilty about those who dont have a roof over their heads or food to eat. by feeding people in public FnB helps remind people that poverty exists all around them. capitalism does have different classes, and as much as the rich would like to ignore the poor, poverty does exist and that is morally inexcusable.

Great job to Diablo Food not Bombs and their supporters. Santa Cruz Food not Bombs feeds during their farmers market and it is not a problem. there are food not bombs chapters throughout the world and there is no problems. on the one hand, getting harassed by the police was good for concord food not bombs because they got some media attention from it, but hopefully from now on they will be left alone by the authorities.

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