this is how we respond to police brutality

At the recent talk the Greeks gave in Berkeley they mentioned that anytime the police kill someone in greece there are riots. this way the police are less inclined to kill. they know if they do there will be repercussions.
this is what happened here in oakland when oscar grant was murdered by the police.
a few days ago this is what happened in portland. the police killed a man. that night, before the police were able to all get their stories straight a group of between 50 and 100 anarchists went on a night time protest/riot, smashing windows and ATM machines. there were no arrests.
a few years ago in King County in Washington state a 15 year old girl got beat up the police in a holding cell. video:

the officer who was facing at most a year in jail for the beating recently got off scot-free on a mistrial. this beating got a man named Christopher Monfort angry enough to take action. he bombed police cars and on a Halloween night shoot and killed a police officer. he is now facing life in prison or the death penalty.

now, obviously i aint trying to get anyone to do anything illegal. i'm just saying, there's not a big chance the legal system is going to do anything about police bastards.

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  1. if we were all as brave as that hero chris monfort, the police would never abuse us again