piedmont lumber possible arson?

it looks like the five million dollar fire at piedmont lumber may have been arson. but not by eco-terrorists or anything like that. there is speculation that the owner of the place may have had something to do with the fire.
an arson fire caused half a million dollars worth of damage at their pittsburg store last year, but no one has been arrested for that yet.
add to that the fact that the company has been having a bunch of money problems recently.

the company is in default on nearly $15 million in loans obtained since 2007.
County Costa County records show a bank lien filed March 2 began foreclosure proceedings related to the Pittsburg property.
the company has also failed to make fringe benefit contributions to employees as required in the union contract.

capitalism will drive people to do pretty crazy things. certain stock brokers jump out of windows when they realize how much money they lost. some business owners burn down their businesses when faced with bankruptcy. many people will screw over others just to make a buck. it's a crazy world.

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