more anti-police actions

So as i mentioned the other day, in Portland the police killed a homeless man, and soon after there was a demonstration and mini-riot. The following day there was another march and this is one of the things that happened:

when i saw this video it blew my mind. the cop is obviously a real jerk, riding his motorcycle into people, but the person who threw their bicycle is crazy! i would never throw away my bicycle like that. i love my bicycle way too much.
it was pretty amazing and awesome to see someone take such a response to police bullying.
however, the pigs have now arrested Joel Dow who they claim threw the bicycle. you can read his charges and donate money here.

Here in the bay, Oakland is once again the scene of anti-police action. Nathaniel Riddick, 25, took a shotgun and a hatchet to the police cars parked at police headquarters.
Police said Riddick first embedded a hatchet into the windshield of a car parked a few feet up from Broadway. He then began walking up the street firing shotgun rounds into several of the parked police vehicles.

Sgt. Todd Crutchfield said the rounds were fired into the cars' sides, windshields and other windows.

The shots were heard by officers in an office at the Washington Street end of the street.

To stop him, the pigs shot him. he is currently in the hospital.

i recently heard that after the first oscar grant riots, the FBI came to town to tell the oakland police department to arrest "people who look like anarchists." interesting.

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